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Manufactured from high quality porcelain, Compact 20 provides the tested strength and requirements to be laid either on our supports and pedestals or bonded using PU adhesive for flat roof and balcony projects.
At only 290 x 290 x 20mm Compact 20 can accommodate very low threshold areas and imposes a load of only 44kg per m2.
Due to the smaller dimensions of Compact 20 they are very easy to handle on balcony and roofing projects and can offer significant savings when cutting at the edges of intricate areas.
As porcelain is virtually non porous it requires very little maintenance as any dirt can only sit on top of the tile. Compact 20 are also resistant to staining from dirt, debris, chemicals and most household goods. Our porcelain tiles are also UV stable so you can be sure the colour and finish will remain as beautiful as the day they were installed.