Sandtoft 311 Handmade Plain Tiles


  • £0.85 (inc VAT) £0.71 (ex VAT)

A distinctive, traditional handcrafted roof tile available from Sandtoft. The 311 handmade clay plain tile gives a rich textured roof, guaranteed to withstand the British climate. 

The Sandtoft 311 plain tile is a fantastic option for a handmade plain tile roof at a surprisingly inexpensive price.

The real character in a handmade plain tile comes from the way the tile is handled by the maker. Each of our craftsmen does things slightly differently in a way that makes the tiles unique, and which in turn makes every roof unique.

Key features:

  • Size - 270 x 160mm
  • Minimum pitch - 35°
  • Covering capacity - 60 tiles per m²

Downloads & Data Sheets:




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