Castle Composites Porcelain Elite Promenade Tiles - Mica Stone

Castle Composites

  • £4.98 (inc VAT) £4.15 (ex VAT)

Castle Composites Porcelain Elite are a premium flat roof product for use on flat roofs, patios, balconies, terraces and other areas requiring hard wearing, but pleasantly finished porcelain surfaces.

Colour - Mica Stone

Tile Size - 298mm x 298mm            Tile Thickness - 20mm 

Finish - Porcelain                             Coverage - 11 tiles / m2   

Supplied by Roofing Outlet, the Castle Composites next generation of promenade tile for flat roofs and balconies is now available. Manufactured from a combination of high quality porcelain and glass fibre reinforced concrete, Porcelain Elite provides the tested strength and requirements to be either loose laid on our supports (Aslon Supports Recommended) or bonded directly to the waterproofing using our XP 2265 PU adhesive. 

At only 20mm thick Porcelain Elite can accommodate very low threshold areas and impose a load of only 44kg per m2. As porcelain is 99.9% non porous it requires very little maintenance as any dirt can only sit on top of the tile. Porcelain Elite is also resistant to staining from dirt, debris, chemicals and most household goods. Our porcelain is also UV stable so you can be sure that the colour will stay as beautiful as the first day they were installed. 

When laying the tiles on supports we recommend using our Aslon rubber support system.

 Download Porcelain Elite Product Brochure