Sandtoft Roll Ridge - 5mtr pack


  • £59.90 (inc VAT) £49.92 (ex VAT)

Pack Size - 5mtr

Sandtoft Dry fix Ridge Roll system for use on the main ridge with Sandtoft clay and concrete ridges.

The new RollRidge system has been cleverly designed to be quicker and more cost effective than traditional dry ridge systems that use ventilated strips and profile fillers such as Profile Ridge system.

Sandtoft RollRidge is an extremely quick roll out system that uses the minimum of components. The system comprises a ventilated 5m ridge roll, batten straps to secure the ridge timber and ridge unions with fixings. It is suitable for use with most clay, concrete tiles and slates (except sandfaced tiles).  

 Downloads and Data sheets:

  Available in 7 options for use with:

  • Concrete and Duracoat half round ridges 457
  • Concrete and Duracoat legged angle ridges 457
  • Clay half round ridges 305
  • Clay half round ridges 325
  • Clay half round interlocking ridges 344*
  • Clay angle interlocking ridges 330*
  • Clay and concrete baby ridge

 Key Features:

  • RollRidge provides 5000 mm² / linear metre free vent area per side.


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