Sandtoft Profile Ridge System - 2.7mtr pack


  • £63.00 (inc VAT) £52.50 (ex VAT)

Sandtoft Dry fix Profile Ridge system for use on the main ridge with Sandtoft clay and concrete ridges.

Profile Ridge has been designed to give the appearance of a traditional bedded ridge, but with all the benefits that a modern dry ridge system provides, such as secure mechanical fixing and appropriate ventilation.

The Profile Ridge system incorporates ventilation strips to support the ridges and provide high level ventilation. Ridge unions provide an efficient seal between each ridge and give the appearance of a 10mm mortar joint.   

To complete the system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are supplied for profiled tile types. The fillers click into the ventilation strips and both are marked to ensure correct orientation.  

  Downloads and Data sheets:

 Available in 3 options for use with:

  • Concrete and Duracoat half round ridges 457
  • Concrete and Duracoat legged angle ridges 457
  • Clay half round ridges 305

     Key Features:

    • Profile Ridge provides 5000 mm² / linear meter free vent area per side.  


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