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NEW Res-Tec FlexiTec Roofing System

NEW Res-Tec FlexiTec Roofing System

New to Roofing Outlet's range of innovative flat roofing products is Res-Tec's FlexiTec range. Flexitec 2020 is a unique flexible multi-surface fibreglass system. The system combines the toughness and fast-curing properties of GRP with the flexibility and overlay capabilities of other liquid systems.

View the full Res-Tec FlexiTec Product Range here.

The Res-Tec FlexiTec roofing system is capable of delivering a unique waterproofing solution across a wide range of applications. Unlike standard GRP systems such as Cure It and Cromar Pro GRP, the FlexiTec System can be used as an overlay on existing substrates, such as Mineral Felt, Ashphalt, Single Ply, Metal, OSB Board, Concrete / screed, Tissue Faced Insulation & existing GRP surfaces. 

There are a number of similarities to the standard GRP roofing systems currently on the market. Flexitec 2020 uses a catalyst, in powder form, for rapid curing and is reinforced with fibreglass CSM for extra strength and crack-resistance.

One of the major benifits is the flexibility in the finished product. Due to FlexiTec's unique flexible technology, 2020 resin is able to coat all common roof surfaces, meaning roofs can be overlaid without the need to strip and replace works. It can be used on any size, shape or intricacy of a roof design.

The finished membrane is also extremely tough, impact resistant and can easily accommodate foot traffic. Flexitec 2020 provides a seamless, tough and flexible membrane to any roof. 

Roofing Outlet are excited to launch Res-Tec's FlexiTec product range and be one of the first UK roofing suppliers to make the system available to the market. Our sales team have had full training and are on hand to offer any advise on the product. If you have any questions or are thinking about placing an order please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8877 9495. 



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