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Prepping Your Roof For Winter

Prepping Your Roof For Winter

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Inspecting your roof and ensuring your home’s roofing and gutter system is ready for winter is critical, especially when looking for any minor damages or small leaks that might prevent major repairs in the long run.

Important yet often overlooked when it comes to winter preparation, many roofing checks can be carried out by yourself with the proper equipment and with caution. The below infographic outlines the various issues which you might face when carrying out roofing checks and how those issues can then be fixed. This includes potential problems which you should look out for with roof flashing, valleys, shingles, gutters, the chimney and any roofing vents.

We’ve also outlined in the infographic the main causes of roof damage, how you can prevent heat loss in your home, as well as the average costs of roof repairs so you can see how much more it would cost for prolonged roof damage, rather than getting the problem fixed straight away.

Taking the right steps to preventing any roof damage is vital in reducing the risk of unexpected leaks over winter and preventing unexpecting costs and any hassle or stress. Take a look at the guide below to help you and your family have a hassle-free home for winter. If there is anything which you’re not sure about then it’s always advised to seek professional help when needed.

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