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What Is the Most Popular Spanish Slate in the UK?

What Is the Most Popular Spanish Slate in the UK?

The Ardigonte Spanish Slate:

The Ardigonte Spanish Slate is a Premium First Grade Slate mined in the quarry rich Northwest region of Spain. Sharing a lineage with many other popular Spanish Slates, the Ardigonte has proven to be a popular choice amongst homeowners due to its classic Blue/Black colour and flat appearance. In this article we will break down everything you need to know about this high-quality slate before purchasing, fixing or replacing.

Appearance and Handling:

One of the Ardigonte Slates most popular features is it’s thin and sleek appearance. With an average thickness of 4-5mm, the Prime Grade Ardigonte is perfectly sorted, each slate being flat and of consistent appearance. This offers a much cleaner and more uniform cadence to your roof, as opposed to traditional slightly more Chunky Spanish Slates. This also means that the Ardigonte is very easy to work with for roofers and builders installing them. Its thin nature makes it easy to cut and the consistency means that they will lay flat, ensuring a quicker install time without the need for rearrangement or a lot of attention. This saves costs on both Labour and Materials.

The Ardigonte Slate can also feature elements of Stable Pyrite in it. Lots of homeowners and roofers get concerned when they hear that a Slate has Pyrite. What is important to note is that there are 2 types of pyrite, stable and unstable. The Ardigonte Slate, being a Prime Grade, will only ever contain small traces of stable Pyrite, concentrated in tiny areas on the Slate. This Pyrite is naturally occurring in the Slate Rock and totally unavoidable. This type of Pyrite has absolutely no effect on the quality or longevity of the Slate. Any Slate with unstable pyrite will be immediately identifiable. Often, they will ‘bleed’ and rust, and the quality of the Slate will be totally compromised. Rest assured the appearance of the Ardigonte Slate is immediately identifiable as a High-Quality Slate.


The Ardigonte offers superb value for money as opposed to Canadian, Welsh and even other variations of Spanish Slate. Roofing Outlet have a close relationship with the Ardigonte Quarry which means we can offer this High-Quality Slate at a very low price point. One of the reasons this Slate is so popular is because roofers and homeowners can obtain a thin, flat slate that is easy to handle without paying a premium price. As a result, the Ardigonte Slate has made a perfect fit for many building projects in an around the UK.

Technical Properties and Warranty:

Purchasing an Ardigonte Prime Slate comes with all the guarantees you would expect when acquiring a High-Quality Spanish Slate. The Ardigonte comes with a 50 year warranty, longer than the standard 30 years for most Spanish Slates, offering you protection against any potential issues. It also comes with the highest classification for both Water Absorption (W1) and Thermal Cycle (T1). This means that there will never have to be any worry about water damage or resistance to sunlight when on your roof (as long as they have been installed correctly). A full technical breakdown is listed below: 

  • 100% certificated against any running rusting issue
  • Warranty: 50 Years
  • Water Absorption: W1
  • Non Carbonate Carbon content: In accordance <1%
  • Calcium Carbonate content: <1%
  • Thermal Cycle: T1
  • Exposure S02: S1
  • External Fire Performance: Deemed to Satisfy A1
  • Reaction to Fire: Deemed to Satisfy A1

Anyone thinking about purchasing a Natural Slate for use on a roof should give serious consideration to the Spanish Ardigonte. It's value for money means that it has been and will continue to be one of the fastest growing and widely used Spanish Slates in the UK. 


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