Castle Composites PU Adhesive

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Castle Composites PU Adhesive

Size - 1Ltr

One bottle will adhere approximately 50 tiles or 5m2.

PU Adhesive is specially designed to adhere promenade tiles to bituminous felt roofs, sanded asphalt and almost all other flat roof surfaces.

During curing, the adhesive absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and expands providing a firm support to the tile. This results in an effective and practical fixing method which can even be used in damp and humid conditions. When cured the adhesive retains a degree of flexibility to allow for thermal and structural movement of the tiles and roof which cementitious tile adhesives do not.

PU adhesive is supplied in 1 litre bottles with nozzle. The adhesive is applied by simply cutting the nozzle at the mark, which will give a 3-4mm bead, applying as per the diagram below. It is very important that the adhesive as applied as per the instructions.

Should too much adhesive be used or should it be applied too close to the edge the expanding action will force the foamed adhesive up through the gaps between tiles. Should this happen do not try to remove when wet! Leave till dry then carefully cut off with craft knife and remove marks with wire wool or similar.

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