Acrypol Reinforcement Scrim


  • £22.00 (inc VAT) £18.33 (ex VAT)

Acrypol Scrim / Mesh

Size - 150mm x 20mtr

Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh can be incoporated into one application of Acrypol+ to bridge over major splits and cracks in roofs and gutters

Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh is easy to work with, it can be cut with scissors and forms well into most surfaces.


Splits and holes in asbestos sheets
Laps in asbestos sheets
Cracks, splits and holes in gutters
Joints in gutters.
Splits in roof lights.
Splits and cracks in metal roofs.
Cracks in glass.
Splits in asphalt and felt.
Splits in single ply and fibreglass roofs (subject to compatibility test).

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