Sandtoft Goxhill Handmade Clay Plain Roof Tile


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At distinctive, traditional roof covering. The cross cambered Goxhill handmade clay plain that has plenty of character and gives a rich textured roof guaranteed to withstand the British climate. 


The real character of this range from Sandtoft comes from the way each tile is handled by the maker. Each of Sandtoft's craftsmen does things slightly differently in a way that makes the tiles unique, and which in turn makes every roof unique. 

The distinctive Goxhill plain tile really is a perfect choice if you want a roof that is full of unique character.

Each tile is made with finest quality alluvial clay from the alluvial plains of the river Humber. These extensive natural reserves have been used and managed for generations to produce highly durable clay tiles in rich colours and textures.

Key features:

  • Size - 265 x 165mm
  • Minimum Pitch - 40°
  • Covering capacity at max gauge - 60 tiles /m2

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