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Shop now for slate and tile ventilation products at Roofing Outlet. we stock a range of slate and tile vents for venting the roof space and for extraction purposes.

Overcoming the high levels of condensation in roof spaces is an issue for all building projects. In today’s energy conscious world, there are ever increasing rules and regulations set out by local authorities on roof ventilation. Roofing Outlet stock a range of ventilation products, designed to overcome any specification.

If there is insufficient ventilation in the roof, the water vapour condenses, leading to rotting timbers, the rusting of metal fixtures, felt damage and mould growth. To solve this costly problem, Roofing Outlet work closely with all major manufacturers to source and supply a huge range of product. Whether you need breathable membrane or a slate extraction vent for a bathroom, please do not hesitate to call our team of experts to discuss your requirements. The number to call is 020 8877 9495.