Sandtoft Alban Plain Tile


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A rustic plain tile with lightly sanded texture, irregular form and rustic tones. The Alban plain tile is sure to add charm and character to any roof.


The Sandtoft Alban is carefully sanded using recycled foundry sands that are pressed into the tile, creating a varied and rustic surface texture. Once dried the tiles are set into the kiln by hand and fired vertically which further adds to their character as it results in each tile adopting a slightly different shape during firing.

The Alban clay plain tile is compatible with a range of Sandtoft fittings and systems, including dry ridge fittings, and will give a stunning appearance to your roof.

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Key features:

  • Size - 265 x 165 mm
  • 60.0 tiles per m²
  • Covering capacity - 60 tiles per m²

  Downloads & Data Sheets:

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