Redland Westminster Roof Slate

Monier Redlands

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The Redland Wesminster Slate is a high performance clay roof slate with an attractively low price tag. It combines the elegance of natural clay with a clever interlocking design, which makes these slates quick and easy to lay. 

A major benefit of the Westminster slate is that it can be used on roof pitches that are as low as 17.5°.

Choice of 3 attractive colours: City Black, Cardinal Red & Old College Red.

Westminster Slate is the latest product produced by Redland, which offers a fantastic blend of performance and aesthetics. the covering capacity is 10 slates per m2, format makes Westminster Slate quick and economical to install and the large gauge can give even greater savings in batten costs and installation.

Moving with the growing demand for thin leading edge products, The Westminster offers a tapered, thin leading edge. The result is a stunning slate like appearance. The hidden cut-back interlock, raised nail holes and custom-engineered head also mean that Westminster Slate can easily cope with roof pitches of 17.5°. 

Key features:

  • Size - 480 x 326 mm
  • Minimum Pitch 17.5° (maximum rafter length of 10mtrs)
  • Covering Capacity at max gauge - 9.7 slates/m²
  • Slates per pallet - 210
  • Engineered clay slate with hidden interlock
  • Tapered leading edge for an exceptionally thin appearance
  • For pitches as low as 17.5º
  • Choice of three classic colours

Downloads and Data Sheets:

The Redland Westminster Product Data Sheet

The New Redland Roof Tile Overview Guide

Range Guide - The Redland Slate Range Guide

Range Guide - Redland Systems and Accessories Guide

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