Res-Tec FlexiTec Chopped Strand Mat Fibreglass - 120m2 roll


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Application: Chopped Strand Mat Fibreglass

Weight: 225g/m2

Size: 120m2 Roll

A high-quality, consistent fibreglass mat that is incorporated into the first coat of Flexitec 2020 Resin. The fiberglass matting is used to provide strength to the system and ensures an even coverage rate, which is essential for any liquid applied. 

Key Features:

  • Rapid break-down of the binder when consolidated with resin for exceptionally quick detailing work
  • Easy to consolidate (wet-through) for quick lay
  • Imparts high mechanical strength into the finished membrane 

        Downloads and Data Sheets:

           FlexiTec 2020 Application Guide

           FlexiTec 2020 Data Sheet

           FlexiTec 2020 Certification


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