Sandtoft 20/20 Concealed Tile Ventilator


  • £72.00 (inc VAT) £60.00 (ex VAT)

Sandtoft 20/20 Concealed ventilators are designed to maximise the aesthetic features of the roof by being virtually unseen once installed and can be used for both low and high level ventilation, as well as for connection to soil or mechanical extraction pipes

The Sandtoft 20/20 tile is an interlocking tile with the appearance of a clay plain tile. Manufactured by Sandtoft and supplied to you by The Roofing Outlet, the 20/20 tiles is the market leader for a clay plain tile appearance that can be laid to as low as 15°.

Key features:

  •  Free vent area: 10,000 mm2
  •  Spacing at low level (10,000 mm2 per m): 1.00 m intervals
  •  Spacing at high level (5,000 mm2 per m): 2.00 m intervals  
  •  Minimum - 15° (with 100mm headlap)

 Downloads & Data Sheets:

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