Sandtoft Concrete Double Pantile - Dark Grey (smoothfaced)


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A concrete, interlocking double-unit pantile, offering one of the most popular and economical roof coverings available today. Produced by Sandtoft, the double pantile can perform down to pitches as low as 15º making it a fantastic option for low pitched extensions as well as a beautiful main roof covering.   


A range of dry fix systems, fittings and accessories are available from Sandtoft to compliment the Double Pantile. Please browse the literature below. If you can find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to call for assistance on 020 8877 9495.

Key features:

  • Size - 420 x 334 mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 15° smoothfaced 100 mm headlap / 22.5° smoothfaced 75 mm headlap / 30° sandfaced 75 mm headlap
  • Covering capacity - 10.4 tiles per m² (100mm) 9.7 tiles per m² (75mm)
  • Headlap - 75 mm (min) 120 mm (max)
  • Batten Spacing - 345 mm (max) 300 mm (min)
  • BRE Green Guide rating A+ 
  • Down to pitches as low as 15º 
  • Concrete products comply with the requirements of BS EN 490 & 491 
  • Manufactured under quality management system BS EN ISO 9001 
  • Meets the performance requirements of BS 5534

  Downloads & Data Sheets:

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