Sandtoft Dual Calderdale Edge Roof Tile - Dark Grey


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A flat, sleek concrete tile that gives a slate-like appearance. The 'DUAL' Calderdale features a 'mockbond' to give the appearance of two smaller slates, whilst maintaining all the benefits of modern interlocking tile design.

The new Sandtoft Dual Calderdale Edge is the modern, re-engineered successor to traditional Calderdale and other metric flat profile roof tiles. The new design makes it quicker to lay, stronger and overall better value. 


Benefits of the new improved Sandtoft Calderdale Edge include:

  • A thinner interlocking design with improved performance
  • Features a modern large format aesthetic
  • Less tiles and cost per square metre
  • Precision re-engineered with a new larger nib
  • New low minimum pitch of only 16.5 degrees (100mm head lap)
  • Improved covering capacity
  • The Calderdale Edge is slightly thinner at 28mm compared to the old Calderdale at 32mm
  • Tile weight has decreased from 5.15 kg to 4.95 kg

Produced by Sandtoft, the Calderdale Edge is a hugely cost-effective tile, which can be used down to 16.5 degrees. The design coupled with the low minimum pitch makes this tile a perfect choice for low pitched extensions or as an attractive main roof covering. For use on extensions, the grey colours are a great option when matching in with natural slate on the main roof.

A range of dry fix systems, fittings and accessories are available from Sandtoft to compliment the Calderdale tile. Please browse the literature below. If you can find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to call for assistance on 020 8877 9495.

Key features:

  • Size - 420 x 334mm
  • Minimum Pitch - 16.5° at 100mm headlap / 22.5° at 75mm headlap
  • Covering capacity at max gauge - 10.2 slates per m² (100mm) 9.4 slates per m² (75mm) 
  • Available in a choice of five colours 
  • BRE Green Guide rating A+

  Downloads & Data Sheets:

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