£13.50 (inc VAT)
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Ubiflex Extreme is a high quality waterproof flashing material, made of silicone and reinforced with an aluminium mesh, which has been developed for quick and easy installation and to withstand harsh weather conditions keeping its superb product benefits and installation features.

Ubiflex Extreme is a premium quality non-lead flashing material with an extended temperature range – which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a weatherproof junction at features such as changes of direction and materials.

Ubiflex Extreme is manufactured by coating both sides of reinforced aluminium mesh with silicone sheeting, one side Grey and one side Black. 3rd party testing has certified that it can withstand winds up to at least 160 km/h when installed with Ubbink’s Extreme Fix sealant and its operating temperature range from -30°C to +180°C makes it suitable for all climates.