Keymer Shire Handmade Clay Plain Roof Tiles


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A genuine handmade British clay tile that offers a serious alternative to the traditional style of clay roof tiles.

Produced in three colours: Priory, Heritage and Downs Red, they are designed to make your project look outstanding. Every tile weathers naturally to look better and improve with every passing year.

No two Keymer Shire clay plain roof tiles are identical, with variation in shape, colour, thickness and size. In this way, they give a sympathetic ‘time weathered’ appearance with the advantage of being performance guaranteed.

Quantity Based discounts may apply. Please call on 020 8877 9495 to discuss your requirements. 

Manufacturers delivery charges may apply. Please call us on 020 8877 9495 with your site details so we can explore the most cost effective delivery options.

Key features:   

  • Nominal Size - 265 x 165 mm (metric) / 10.5" x 6.5" (Imperial)
  • Minimum Pitch: 40° 
  • Covering Capacity - 60 tiles /m²   
  • Tiles per pallet - 760

Downloads and Data Sheets: 

  Download Keymer Product Brochure

  Download Keymer Roof tile history

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