VELUX BBX 0000 Vapour Barrier

  • £19.00 (inc VAT) £15.83 (ex VAT)

The VELUX Vapour Barrier BBX stops warm, moist air from your home from entering your roof construction. It’s quick and easy to install in your window frame, and creates an airtight seal to protect your roof from condensation and potential damage. 

The edge of the BBX vapour barrier is specifically designed to fit tightly into the window frame rebate providing an air tight seal which will assist in meeting air pressure testing of the building. 

Key features:

  • Help prevent condensation from forming in the roof construction
  • Complete vapour barrier collar, fully welded in all corners
  • A fully welded rubber gasket with a double pressure seal guarantees speedy installation
  • Reinforced corners for extra security against perforation
  • VELUX installation tool helps fit the collar in a matter of minutes

Downloads and Data Sheets:

  Download BDX Installation Manual


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