DD Adjustable Pedestals

Castle Composites

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DD Pedestals are the solution if you want a beautiful paved terrace that is free draining, compatible with waterproofing membranes, easy to install and low cost. 

Pedastal Heights:

  • DDP01: 30 - 45 mm
  • DDP02: 45 - 70 mm
  • DDP03: 70 - 120 mm
  • DDP04: 120 - 220 mm
  • DDP05: 220 - 320 mm

Optional correction head pieces can be added for uneven surfaces.

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as leisure areas. Useful, practical areas can be created for leisure or services and maintenance, which would previously have been left as exposed waterproofing membrane. Not only does this help protect potentially vulnerable areas, but it increases the yield of the building footprint. 

DD Pedestals may be used for the smallest balcony projects, private garden terraces through to large terraces in the city, large industrial platforms or complicated projects for public spaces such as those which require strength and precision. 

DD Pedestals are supplied as standard with a fixed head piece. If slope correction is required its simply a case of ordering some slope correction head pieces that clip on top securely and easily. 

Key features:

• Significant Reduction In Costs. 
• Quick Delivery. 
• Light Weight Solution. 
• Easily Removed For Maintenance. 
• High Strength & Load Capacity (1000 kg per pedestal) 
• Free Draining System 
• Paving Can Be Laid Level On Sloped Substrates.

 DD Adjustable Pedestal Pedestal Brochure 

 DD Adjustable Pedestal Pedestal Data Sheet

 DD Adjustable Pedestal Pedestal Instructions

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