Plastic Stackable Support Pads

Castle Composites

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Stackable plastic support pads are manufactured from injection moulded high density polypropylene. They are available in three standard sizes, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm thick.

Material -  High density polypropylene 

Bearing Capacity - 400kg

Diameter - 150mm

Internal Diameter - 75mm

Thickness - 10mm, 12mm or 15mm  

They are designed to stack on top of one another, where applicators wish to increase the height of the cavity at intervals – to work around gutter and service pipes, for example. Although lightweight, they are very tough, with a weight tolerance of 400kg per support pad. 

They act as a guide when laying promenade slabs, ensuring uniform position. This saves a considerable amount of time in application and gives an attractive finish. 

By suspending the promenade slabs, they allow water to run away from the deck underneath. They also help to prevent the build-up of dirt and other material between the slabs. 

This system eliminates ponding on the upper surface of the roof or balcony. 

 Castle Composites Guide to Laying with Stackable Pads

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